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Hetankshee Impex Private Limited


Hetankshee Impex Private Limited is the leading organic chickpeas exporters Ahmedabad. Our chickpeas are acclaimed in India, Europe, and the USA and are in high demand, given its competitive prices and top-notch quality.

Chickpeas are considered to be the oldest recorded legumes, dating back to some 7,500 years. The chickpea plant belongs to the ancient age and is usually grown in Asia, from where it is distributed and exported throughout the Mediterranean countries. We advise you to soak the dried organic chickpeas in cold water for at least 8 hours before using them in making your favorite recipe.

Nutritious Chickpeas at Affordable Rates

The organic chickpeas that we offer are rich in fiber and protein and go well with a plethora of seasonings to make nutritious salads, delicious and innovative soups, purees, and broths. Also termed as garbanzo beans, you can use our organic chickpeas in a variety of healthy dishes or handmade hummus. Unlike other store-bought chickpeas, our chickpeas don’t contain any allergy-inducing ingredients or oil and are thus best for your health.

We take pride in calling ourselves the best chickpeas exporters Ahmedabad and offer you good-quality flavorsome chickpeas that can also be made into a delectable curry. Ever since our advent in the market of food grains supplier and exporter, we have been consistent enough in providing you with the same quality of organic chickpeas that boasts of all the essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

When compared with pulses and beans, the organic chickpeas that you get from us boast of a meatier texture. Upon combining our chickpeas with nuts and whole grains, you enjoy the complete protein comprising of all the important amino acids that your body needs.


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